Hi everyone. Time flies when you’re having fun – and even more so when you have a lot to do. I can’t believe that we’ll be back on the road in just over a month, and at the same time I can’t wait!

Random Updates:

We had a bike stolen 🙁

Yep, that’s right. Shortly after setting up our new YardStash (read my YardStash Review), someone hopped the fence and stole one of our old bikes.

To clarify – we had 2 sets of bikes. New bikes that we bought recently, and old bikes that were 15 years old or so. The old bikes were cable locked to the front of the RV and the new bikes were in the YardStash. The thief cut the cable lock on the RV, grabbed the outside bike and vanished, and in the process left the other bike and a pretty nice second cable that was liberated when he cut the other cable.

The good news is they took the bike that was worth the least. I doubt I could have gotten more than $50 for it on craigslist. The other bike that the thief could have taken I sold that same day for $225. I guess you don’t need to be smart to be a bike thief – or even know much of anything about bikes!

This also further cements the point I made in my YardStash Review. Thieves are much more likely to target things they can see. The truth is the bikes in the YardStash weren’t protected much better than the bikes locked to the RV. The thief didn’t bother to look. He hopped the fence, cut the cable, grabbed a bike and ran.

We’re over it now, but it really does stink to have something stolen from you. I immediately invested in much better protection for our newer bikes.


I added a youtube video showing our 2 birdfeeders. One of the great things about living the ‘RV Lifestyle’ is that it makes you slow down and appreciate things that most people are too busy to see – like birds.

Drinking coffee and watching the birds has become a morning ritual in our life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Watch:

For those interested in the window feeder, here it is on Amazon (affiliate link): Duncraft Classic Windowpane Bird Feeder. There’s a larger one also – and other designs too of course.

Getting the Car Ready for Towing

I’m working to get the car setup to be towed, and boy is there a lot to do! We have a Honda Fit Automatic that we purchased specifically because you can tow it with 4 wheels on the ground even with an automatic transmission. The challenge is there’s a ton you still have to do to make a car towable – and it costs a lot too!

Here’s the list:

  1. Purchase an RV Tow Bar – This I bought. I found a good quality (Blue Ox) Tow Bar on Craigslist. It does have a few bolts that I’m going to replace just to be careful, but fortunately Blue Ox has every piece of the tow bar available for sale.
  2. Buy and install Tow Plate for the car. This is a piece that replaces the steel structure underneath the bumper that has mounts that attach to the Tow Bar.
  3. Buy and install wiring for car taillights. The taillights on your car need to work while being towed. When you brake, the brake lights need to light up – signal lights, etc… You can either use separate lights, or wire directly into the car lights.
  4. Buy an auxiliary Braking System. In a list of expensive things, this is the most expensive. Most cost over $1000 new, and they’re required by law in most states. In short, this system presses the brake pedal in the car when you press the brakes in the RV.

Add it all up and it costs somewhere between $2500 and $4000 to setup a car for towing! This is one of those hidden costs that no-one tells you about before buying an RV. I mean you have an idea that you’ll need to buy some stuff to tow your car, but I was shocked that it was so expensive!

All that said, we’ll be ok. I’m doing as much of the installation myself as I can, and that will save us a bunch. You can easily spend as much on installation as you spend on the products themselves.

In the future I’ll do a complete writeup on setting up a car for towing, so check back in the next month for that. I’m also going to do a writeup on RV water filtration as well as a few other things as I have time. The funny thing is, I’ll have more time when we get on the road than I have now because everything will be setup and working by then . . or at least that’s the plan. 🙂

That’s it for today – until next time, happy trekking!


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